It’s Safer

With OCTOPUZ’s built-in simulation software, you can be fully confident that the program you’re outputting is error-free, with all collisions, singularities, joint limits, and reach limits checked before posting.

It’s Faster

Compared to manual programming, OCTOPUZ can save days of programming time. A project that would normally require days of manual jogging becomes just minutes of clicking to create and modify weld paths.

It’s Easier to Use

While the software is powerful enough to satisfy even the most experienced welders, OCTOPUZ is also intuitive enough for those with more limited knowledge. You’ll be saving money through reduced training costs and outputting welding paths in no time.

It Saves Money

The nature of offline programming allows you to keep your robots working while you develop and simulate new programs within the software. This way, your productivity never slows down while new paths are being created and tested.


  • Autonomous, intelligent, intuitive weld creation
  • Path creation and modification are possible with just a few clicks
  • Import and use a CAD model for weld creation
  • Implement a variety of welding strategies such as multi-layer, stitch, weave, seam tracking, and more
  • Part inaccuracy compensation
  • Can utilize multiple touches per path or global touch correction (6-dimensional)
  • Parametric and reusable weld creation
  • Fully simulated touch-sensing, multi-layer, and weave
  • Automatically finds the start and end of welds
  • Automatic torch flare into corners
  • Can simultaneously calculate up to three external linear axes
  • External rotary axes are automatically calculated to keep the weld wire vertical, horizontal for certain faces, or at a downhill angle

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