Available Fonts and Adding Fonts

Available Fonts and Adding Fonts

Mastercam Fonts

Mastercam contains four pre-defined fonts:

  • Block
  • Box
  • Roman
  • Slant

Predefined fonts


These fonts are contained in a folder with the font name as the folder name under C:\Program Files\mcamX(version)\common\Fonts

There is a mcx file for each character. These files can be opened and modified. If these are going to be modified; it is highly recommended that the new files be saved in their own folder. This way the originals will not be overridden.

To select a new font (or one that has been modified) and has been saved to its own folder, select MCX (Other) Font and browse to folder the font is stored in.


MCX Other font


Drafting Fonts

Drafting fonts are also known as note or text fonts. These fonts are:

  • Stick
  • Hartford
  • Roman
  • Old English
  • European
  • Palatino
  • Swiss
  • Dayville
 Drafting Fonts


These fonts can be slightly modified done through Drafting Options.


Drafting Options


Note Text


TypeType® Fonts

TrueType font and styles present on a system can be used by Mastercam.


TrueType Font


Note: The size selected will be overridden by the height found under parameters.


Font size


TrueType Fonts can be added to a system. Each font will be saved in its own file with an extension of ttf.

There are a few methods to add a TrueType Font to a system and the method may vary depending on the Windows version present. Therefore one may need to look into the steps required if the below is not applicable to their system.


Right click over TrueType Font file and select install.


Install TrueType Font




Right click over TrueType Font file and select Preview.


Preview Font




Install Font


To check that the font was installed: Start > Control Panel > Fonts (View All Installed Fonts)

All installed TrueType Fonts will be stated here.


TrueType Font Installed



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