Changing Toolpath Parameter Defaults

Changing Toolpath Parameter Defaults

Option 1

This method does not require an operation to be created and is more efficient if multiple operation defaults need to be modified.


From the Toolpath Manager, expand Machine Properties and select File.


Toolpath Manager


Select the “!” for Operation Defaults. This will allow edits to be done to the defaults for the selected operations defaults file.


Machine Group Properties


Scroll to the desired operation.


Edit Operation Defaults


Select beside operation and parameters.




Modify parameters as required and accept.  Accept

Modify all operation parameters required and accept. Accept


Option 2

This option requires that the operation is created. This is a fast way to save changes while on the fly.

However this excludes legacy toolpaths, meaning Surface Rough and Surface Finish. Therefore Option 1 must be used for legacy toolpaths.


Create the operation.

Modify the parameters to the desired defaults.



Save Parameters


This will override the defaults for the operations default file currently active.

Keep in mind this will save all the parameters within the toolpath, not just the current section.


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