Cleanup Geometry: Delete Duplicate and Find Overlapping

Cleanup Geometry: Delete Duplicate and Find Overlapping



When creating toolpaths, it can be difficult to chain the correct geometry if there is overlapping and duplicated geometry present. One may also notice overlapping and duplicated geometry when attempting to modify a drawing.

Mastercam can help find these entities and delete them. This will make toolpathing and modifying drawings easier.


Delete Duplicates


Edit>Delete>Delete Duplicates


Delete Duplicates


The items deleted will be stated.


List of items to be deleted


Duplicate geometry changes colour


To reset the geometry colour select Clear Colour.    icon


Find Overlapping

Press Alt+C or select icon.  icon_Swept2D

This should default to C:Program Files/McamX(version)/chooks

Select FindOverlap.dll


Find Overlap file


Create a window that encases all entities to be checked.


Select entities to check for overlap








The number of entities deleted will be stated.


Confirm deletion



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Sandy McClintock

Presented by Sandy McClintock, Applications Support Specialist

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