Toolbars: Resetting, Adding, Custom, and Backup

Toolbars (resetting, adding, custom, backup)



Note: At any point that (version) is present, enter/insert/reference the version of Matercam in question.

ie. A path states as ‘C:\Program Files\mcam(version)\common’ if you are working in Mastercam X8 the path will be ‘C:\Program Files\mcamX8/common’

Resetting Toolbars to Default Install Configuration

Right click >Customize








Check Toolbars and OK


Check toolbars


Adding Toolbars

Right click >Customize




There are several toolbars already configured. They simply need to be activated.




If the toolbar is configured in the manner desired…


Activate toolbars


Otherwise custom toolbars can be created.


Creating Custom Toolbars

Right click >Customize




Select desired Category.

Right click over toolbars section select New Toolbar.


New toolbar


Name toolbar appropriately.

While selected on this toolbar use Add button to add desired icons.

Note: icon from different categories can be added to the same toolbar.

Place toolbar as needed.


Drag to place


Note: Icons can be added to existing toolbars.

Backing up Toolbars

Toolbars are contained within the workspace file, which is user specific.

Mastercam comes with several workspaces that can be used or modified. The option to create custom workspaces is also available.

Take note of what workspace you use.


Right click >Customize




Select category


Go to C:\Users\username\Documents\my mcamx(version) \CONFIG

Copy WorkspaceName.workspace to a backup location.


Add desired Icons


To restore this workspace, add it to another user or add to another workstation, place the file in the same location; keeping in mind workspaces are user specific.


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