Nethasp Licensed to Different Products

Nethasp Licensed to Different Products

In some cases a customer may have a nethasp licensed to several different products and users will need to select what is required for what they are programming. This can be done on the fly or icons can be set up.

Note: At any point that (version) is present enter/insert/reference the version of Mastercam in question. ie. A path states as ‘C:\Program Files\mcam(version)\common’ if you are working in Mastercam X9 the path will be ‘C:\Program Files\mcamX9/common’

Start>All Programs>Mastercam (version) >Utilities>Mastercam Launcher

Here you can select what products, levels and add-ons are required.


Nethasp Start-up Options


To simply launch be sure to check ‘Start Mastercam’ and OK

Start Mastercam


If you would like to create an icon for what is selected, select the ‘Create Shortcut’ button. This could be useful for employees that are back and forth between different products but need to leave them available to others when they are not using them.

Create Shortcut


While in Mastercam the License can be switched out without closing by going to…

Settings>Network Licensing

Set the appropriate product and add-on

Network Licensing









Please email support if you have any issues updating your Hasp or NetHasp.
[email protected]


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