OCTOPUZ V1.6 Now Available

The latest update for OCTOPUZ has just been released, and Version 1.6 comes packed with new features and enhancements.

Read on for a comprehensive list of what you can look forward to in OCTOPUZ 1.6, including a wide variety of welding improvements as well as increased arc/circular support, support for 7-axis robots, and more. This update is available to all users currently on Maintenance.


  • Arc/Circular Support added for the following brands
    • KUKA -> KRC2(src), KRC4(src, src/dat)
    • Fanuc
    • ABB
    • Motoman
  • Added a post processor for:
    • KUKA Sunrise
    • Greatoo SoftMC
    • KUKA Siemens 840D with Cycle832 support
  • Post extensions added to allow for Custom/Extended functionality
  • Posting Speed improvements for all posts
  • Added support for 7-Axis Robots
  • OTC IO wait commands added
  • Multiple position types now supported for OTC/Nachi posts
  • Added Import from Package Command
  • Check Version Menu Item Added
  • Tool On/Off Commands added to the XML Defaults
  • Rail Wizard improvements
  • Added a Legacy Tab to Linear Rail Calculations
  • Added script automation (RunRunTimeCommands)
  • Extreme speed improvement when applying reference points by “Travel”
  • Added installation verification for all addons
  • XML Settings provided to all addons

OCTOPUZ Welding Addon

  • Added Arc/Circular Support for welding
  • 5th Layer Added for Multipass
  • More control for searching orientations
  • Outside Edge Searching Method Added for Motoman
  • Stitch Searching Added
  • Weaving Simulation Improvements
  • Added a Help Window
  • Highlights Changed Field Based on Loaded Recipe
  • KUKA KRC4 Laser Searching Added

CAM Importing

  • Added Mastercam 2017 Interface
  • Mastercam interface supports Arc/Circles for 2D paths
  • Mastercam interface supports Cycle 832 for Kuka Siemens 840D control
  • PT import now supports multiple APT files
  • Tools and Part exported from a CAM system can now be Imperial or Metric
  • Tool Command positions from CAM files now more customizable
  • Added IJK rotation option in the intermediate file format
  • Importing into Toolpaths Groups supported

OCTOPUZ Power Programming Addon

  • Added Attach Base To Part Command

Integrator Toolkit

  • Added Change Axis Settings Command

OCTOPUZ Cladding

  • A Setup Dialog Box Added

New! Power Packs

  • KUKA Power Pack contains the following Commands:
    • Set CNC Settings
    • Set Compliance Settings
    • Add BackLash Check
    • Add B-Spline Settings
  • Motoman Power Pack contains the following Commands:
    • Set Controller Version

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