CASE STUDY: Lorik Tool & Automation

Lorik Tool & Automation Inc.Lorik Tool & Automation completes a project with the help of  new Contract Scanning Services by In-House Solutions.


Lorik Tool & Automation Inc. has a Multi-Gage Romer Arm with probe. The arm length is 1.2m which is short for their current applications and it is a struggle for them to CMM their larger parts & fixtures as this arm is not properly orienting in 3D space.


Our team started by recalibrating the arm to pinpoint the issue, and in coordination with the hardware OEM we diagnosed a hardware issue with the probe tip knuckle not communicating within the arm. It likely needs to be replaced and will take time to get it serviced and to get replacement parts due to the age of the arm.


Andrew and Drew running diagnostics on an old Romer arm using Verisurf 2019 at Lorik Tool and Automation

Andrew Coulas, App Support Specialist (left) and Drew Postrozny, Solutions Consultant (right) running diagnostics on an old Romer CMM arm using Verisurf 2019 at Lorik Tool & Automation.

While diagnosing Lorik’s hardware issue on the old Romer arm we helped them complete their CMM project with our own Absolute Arm. In-House Solutions now offers contract scanning with a brand new 2019 8525 Absolute Arm equipped with a RS6 Laser Scanner.

In-House Solutions offers a trade-in program for CMM arms that are getting long in the tooth. Lorik is taking advantage of this service to gain a competitive edge when reverse engineering and will gain the ability to offer in-depth CMM analysis reports for their customers. This option will vastly expand their capabilities within their Quality Assurance and CMM process.

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