30th Presentations by Meghan West and Edward House

In-House Solutions has been “shaping the future of manufacturing” with Mastercam for the past 30 years.

On June 8th 2018, they celebrated this milestone with customers, partners and staff at 4 of their offices across Canada. View the presentations of Meghan West and Edward House here:

Meghan West, President of CNC Software Inc.Meghan West, President of CNC Software Inc., made a special guest appearance to speak at the In-House Solutions head office in Cambridge, Ontario. CNC Software is the developer of Mastercam, the world’s most widely-used CAD/CAM software with over 250,000 seats installed worldwide. The year 2018 marks the 35th anniversary of CNC Software, Inc.

She started by outlining the consistent past success of Mastercam. “Our focus hasn’t shifted over the years.” Mrs. West said “We’ve always focused on CAM. Our mission has been the exact same since we’ve started, and that’s to develop toolpaths… it’s a neat thing, especially in this industry when there are all these mergers and acquisitions, and it seems as their focus has shifted, but we have been a steady company that’s focused on CAM. That’s what we do, and we do it well.”

Mrs. West then talked about future strategy, about how CNC Software has no plans on making any changes to their business focus. “We’re focusing on the CAM industry and we have no plans to make any changes there.” She continued. “We’re constantly looking at the trends. In this industry there are a lot of fads, so for us it’s about making sure we do the right kind of research and development. We follow the trends that are going to propel us to the next generation… Doing the right things that will sustain us for the long term.”

Relationships and partnerships have been vital to Mastercam and In-House Solutions continuing success. “The input from our user base is really what drives this software. They help us identify what they are looking for, what they want, what’s going to make their job easier?’ The more our users provide us that input and feedback, the better we get. We do this all together, the entire Mastercam community… making this software better every day.” Mrs. West said.

“In-House Solutions has been one of our strongest, most loyal, and longest partners. They lift us up and push us to do better, and I believe we do the same for them. It’s a really neat partnership and I’m hoping that continues for another 35 years.”

Edward House, President and CEO of In-House Solutions Inc.Edward House, President and CEO of In-House Solutions got up to speak on the past and future of In-House. He started by thanking Meghan West and Doug Nemeth for their visit. “In-House Solutions success has been to a large degree dependent upon CNC Software and the people down there.”

Mr. House’s vision when he first started In-House in 1988 was to provide CAD/CAM software to CNC Shops with expert technical support and services. Fast forward to 2018, and his core vision remains the same even as the industry changes quickly.
The key to his success is by looking for ways to add value as a Value-Added Reseller “We’ve grown quite a bit, we’ve taken on new products over the past 30 years that compliment Mastercam, we’re constantly looking for new and better ways… constantly. We’re looking at improving every department, and that’s better for our customers.” Mr. House said.

“We’ve been adding different services and products around Mastercam. We listen to the feedback we get from our customers as to what else they can use to help the process. We’re trying not to deviate too far from CNC programming and machining and that type of manufacturing because we want to continue to be experts, we want to be focused experts. Our customers teach us a lot, and we teach them in return. I call that a partnership which is extremely important.”

Mr. House ended with “I want to thank CNC Software, the In-House Solutions Team and our customers. It’s really about people and technology. We love both. The people at CNC Software are great, In-House has a great team, and a lot of our customers are long term relationships that have been with us from the start.”

A special thank you goes to the In-House Value-Added Partners who traveled far and wide to participate in the big day. Roger Ochoa traveled from California to demo Verisurf, a metrology software solution for 3D inspection, geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T) and first article inspections. Jayden Rodgers from Mississauga came to demo Renishaw’s measurement and process control probes and systems. Tyler Rudnicki and Natalie Adams from OCTOPUZ in Waterloo were there with a UR robot to show off their offline robotic programming software. Thomas Hyllen wins the prize for farthest traveled as he flew from Denmark to be with us to highlight the capabilities of CIMCO, a CNC communication and data management software solution.

In-House would also like to thank their customers. As Mr. House said “It’s really about people and technology, and we love both. The people at CNC Software are great, In-House has a solid team, and a lot of our customers are long term relationships that have been with us from the start. Here’s to shaping the next 30 years of manufacturing together!”