3D Printing is evolving. Are you?

3D Printing is evolving... are you? CubePro at In-House Solutions3D Printing, also known as additive manufacturing, is one of the most significant technologies to be developed in recent years. With prices becoming more and more affordable, 3D printers are finding their way into classrooms. Soon the question will be “which classrooms do not have a 3D printer?” rather than “which classrooms do?

Does your classroom have its 3D printer yet?

The demand for 3D printing skills in the manufacturing sector is increasing at a breakneck pace, and that means students with the innovative skill set are going to have an edge in the job market. Reports from data company Wanted Analytics, headquartered in Quebec City, has looked at hiring trends for 3D printing and additive manufacturing and found that employments ads listing these skills rose by 103% from August 2013 to August 2014. Over the past four years, that same number has increased by 1,834%.

In-House Solutions offers to help educational facilities in Canada expose their students to one of the most sought-after skills in manufacturing today by offering the CubePro by 3D Systems. Suitable for industrial applications, these top-quality printers are ideal for all ages — from elementary to post-secondary level. Not only are 3D printers safer than other technology equipment, but they offer a more cost-effective option to schools teaching the latest in engineering practices.

“Educating students using systems and software that are both professional and relevant is crucial for their future success in the workforce,” said Kevin Hesch, Sales Manager at In-House Solutions. “It’s the ideal way to allow tomorrow’s engineers to design, print and test their ideas in a safe, supervised environment.”

The CubePro is designed to produce professional quality parts with ease. It does multi-material and triple color printing with super high-resolution at 70-micron, 200-micron or 300-micron layers for high-speed drafting. Its controlled-climate chamber and largest-in-class build volume bring your prints to new heights, literally. Now you can choose from four different material options: strong ABS, compostable PLA, durable nylon, or water soluble Infinity Rinse-Away support material.

There’s no question that 3D printing is evolving rapidly, and companies are investing millions of dollars in its future. When it comes to the classroom, the technology is having the same impact. Students can see their abstract concepts transformed into concrete objects, and be encouraged to create their own innovations. Lessons such as STEM that combine hands-on techniques with learning have been proven to keep students interested and engaged in their work, and the interactive sessions can turn any classroom into a collaborative learning environment.

It’s time to evolve and get that 3D Printer in your classroom!

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