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Mastercam Lathe Stock Preview

X7 Tips: Mastercam Lathe Stock Preview

The Mastercam Lathe Stock Preview function inside of the Lathe module is a great way to display the machined stock, chuck, tailstock, and steady rest boundaries as either solids or surfaces. To use this function, stock must be defined for the job. To access the Mastercam Lathe Stock Preview, right click in the operations manager […]

Milling an Octopuz

Milling an OCTOPUZ

New features and functions are always being added to OCTOPUZ, our intelligent CAD-to-Path and offline robot programming solution. We love to find exciting ways to test our product, and what better way than to mill an actual octopus model to prove that OCTOPUZ is robust, fast and simple to use! Milling an OCTOPUZ through the integration of […]

Choose OCTOPUZ – get special promo pricing

Why choose OCTOPUZ? Our special promo pricing * is just one reason to choose OCTOPUZ for all your CAD-to-Path and offline robot programming solution needs. OCTOPUZ can do everything your current robotics software can, and more! Here are 8 more reasons you should contact us for a personalized demo:   Strong foundation OCTOPUZ is built on a world-leading […]