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Updating MC Files Advanced Option

Updating Mastercam Files – Advanced Option

Updating to X9 – Advanced Option Follow these steps: 1. Create two empty folders on your desktop. Call one “X8” and the other “X9”. 2. Copy only the custom Machine and Control Definitions from the Public Documents\shared Mcamx8\CNC_MACHINES folder to the X8 folder you created on the desktop. The Machine Definitions will be have one […]

Xform>Move to Origin

Xform > Move to Origin

Xform>Move to Origin Move to origin will move all visible entities relative to the point selected, to the origin. If in 2D mode, the entities will move in the X and Y axis only but maintain the current Z values. If in 3D mode, the entities will move in all axes. Therefore the point selected […]

CIMCO License Install How-To

CIMCO License Install

Installing CIMCO DNC-Max and CIMCO License Key Files CIMCO products require a license key file to be able to run as a licensed version. There are two options to installing the license key file; connected and not connected to the internet. This document shows how to process for both. Once the software is installed, if […]