Avoid Sunset Status and get 25% off updates

Avoid Sunset StatusUpdate your Mastercam X3 and get 25% off updates. You’ll also receive X8 when released!*

Offer expires with the release of X8 (projected date August 2014)

With the upcoming release of Mastercam X8, you will no longer be able to update or receive support if you have Mastercam X3. By updating now, you have the opportunity for dramatic savings and revolutionary, industry-changing new technologies!

Some shops are still using Mastercam X3, which was released nearly seven years ago. Just imagine the technological advances and time-saving techniques in that time. Not to mention, Mastercam will no longer run on computers with older technology and operating systems.

Although Mastercam X3 still gets the job done, you’re missing out on dramatic enhancements, features, and toolpath motions that weren’t available at that time, including Mastercam’s built-in Dynamic Motion technology.

Dynamic Motion will change the way you machine, and help you:

  • Reduce cycle times by up to 75%.
  • Dramatically extend the life of your tools.
  • Reduce wear and tear on your machines.
  • Easily cut hard materials that pose unique problems.
  • Get the most out of the machines you already own.

Thousands of existing users have already taken advantage of Mastercam’s Dynamic Motion technology for years. Upgrade now and start using the numerous exciting and time-saving tools that have been added to Mastercam that are available to you at no extra cost.

PLUS: Updating Mastercam Now is the most affordable path to getting X8 when released!***

Time is running out, for specifics on any of these features or to schedule a demo, email us or call 1-800-529-5517

*This promotion is available to existing customers only (excluding educational licenses). 1YR maintenance included in update package which ensures you will receive X8 when released.
**Sunset status is no longer supported or updateable. By updating now, you avoid having to repurchase the software later at full price.
***Once X8 is released, the cost to update from your current version increases.