Change Toolbar Colour

Change Toolbar Colour



On install Mastercam will default to have a grey background for the toolbars as seen below.


Default Toolbar Color


This can be modified, the overall look will change slightly as well.  Please follow the steps below…


File>Open User Folder


Open User Folder


Browse to your configuration folder, the default location for this is C:\Users\(UserName)\Documents\my mcam(version)\CONFIG


My Mcam Configuration Settings


Close Mastercam.


Open the workspace you would like to affect in Notepad. In this case design.workspace is used.


The AppLook number controls the colour.





Below shows some of the options available…


<Applook> “1”

AppLook 1

<Applook> “2”

AppLook 2

<Applook> “3”

AppLook 3

<Applook> “4”

AppLook 4

<Applook> “5”

AppLook 5

<Applook> “6”

AppLook 6

<Applook> “7”

AppLook 7

<Applook> “8”

AppLook 8

<Applook> “9”

AppLook 9

<Applook> “10”

AppLook 10

<Applook> “11”

AppLook 11

<Applook> “12”

AppLook 12


Open Mastercam.


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Sandy McClintock

Presented by Sandy McClintock, Applications Support Specialist

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