eduFACTOR by Edge Factor: Discover Modern Manufacturing

eduFACTOREdge Factor and In-House Solutions help career minded students discover modern manufacturing with eduFACTOR.

EdgeFactor is creating eduFACTOR film products that are focused on industry recruiting, answering the question: ‘How is a student supposed to make an informed career choice if they don’t know what modern manufacturing looks like?’

In-House Solutions launches eduFACTOR this month for Canadian Secondary and Post-Secondary Schools. eduFACTOR gives students an inside look at what modern manufacturing is, through media-rich teaching and marketing resources based on inspiring, high-impact productions.

There are currently 3 GameChanger Kits available: Metal & Flesh, Gnarly Metal and Chilean Mine Rescue. Each kit is an exciting story-driven product that is designed to equip Teachers, Students, Parents and Guidance Counselors as they explore career choices in modern manufacturing.

Each kit includes media-rich lesson plans to help students understand the path to enter one of these careers, all in the context of an exciting story.


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