Mill 2D Certification Prep 1 (Mississauga)

December 9, 2019 – December 11, 2019 all-day
In-House Solutions (Mississauga)
7895 Tranmere Dr #6
Mississauga, ON L5S 1V9
In-House Solutions

Mill 2D Certification Prep 1

Course Description

The course starts with an introduction to Mastercam user interface.
You will learn how to create basic geometry and toolpaths such as drilling and contour before you know it.
More advanced geometry concepts such as geometry modification and transformation as well as levels are covered in this class.
You will learn how to setup the part and the stock. Drilling, tapping, contouring, pocketing, circle milling and facing toolpaths will be covered.
You will be introduced to the 2D High Speed toolpaths such as dynamic mill, dynamic rest mill, peel mill.
In this class you will also learn how to import a solid and machine it and how to use Work Coordinate System (WCS) in multiple fixture applications.

CNC machining experience, basic knowledge of Microsoft Windows

What’s Included: Each trainee is provided with a workstation. All training materials are included.

Duration: 3 Days (up to 24 hours)

May be added to the Mill 2D Certification Prep 1
Mill 2D Solids
In this 1 day class you will learn a variety of useful solids commands, that include Extrude, Loft, Revolve, Sweep, Boolean Add and Remove, Fillet, Chamfer, Shell, Trimming, and Solid patterns. You will also learn how to manipulate a solid using commands from the Model Prep menu such as Push-Pull, Move and Split Solid Face. You will use create Layout and learn how to dimension parts to create blueprints.

Duration: 1 day
Prerequisite: CNC Certificate Prep for Mastercam 2019 Mill 2D

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