How many levels of products are available with Mastercam Mill?

There are 3 different levels of products to fit everyone’s needs. Please see below the chart explaining each level.

Mastercam Mill Mill Entry Mill Mill 3D


Solid modeling
Live surface modeling, patching, and repair
Mesh modeling and editing
Create and dimension live wireframe geometry
Read/write IGES, DXF, SAT, Parasolid, EPS, and more
Read native AutoCAD, SOLIDWORKS, Solid Edge, and more
Part and toolpath nesting


3D tooling
Fully associative toolpaths
Contouring, basic pocketing and basic drilling
Raster to Vector image conversion
In-process stock model
Dynamic Motion toolpaths (2D)
Feature Based Machining
Advanced Pocketing including open pockets
2D high speed machining
3D contour cutting, trimming, and remachining
Machine Simulation
3+2 axis positioning and rotary axis substitution
3D High Speed OptiRough
Dynamic Motion toolpaths (3D)
Accelerated Finishing
Full multisurface and solid toolpaths
5-axis drilling
Simultaneous 4-and 5-axis machining