How to get started with IHS Pro Services

Getting started with the In-House Solutions Professional Services team is easier than you may think. Here is the typical experience. 

  1. Once interest is expressed, getting our team onsite for an evaluation is always the best course of action.  
  2. We align on expectations for any specific projects, including critical timelines. 
  3. Together we review the parts, prints, tolerancing, tooling, fixturing, and processing.  
  4. We create and present a detailed proposal on the scoped work and the recommended block of hours to get started. 
  5. Once the proposal is signed, we assign a Project Lead and a Project Manager. Both the Project Lead and Project Manager are onsite the first day to ensure a clean start to the project for everyone involved. 
  6. In the subsequent days/hours the Project Lead continues to work on the project with the remote support of the Project Manager who is ensuring all deadlines are met.
  7. Note: we always strive to have at least 2 technicians familiar with the customer’s process in case there are scheduling conflicts for future projects.


Contact us to schedule an onsite evaluation!