In-House Solutions Hosts “Business and Education Partnership Presentations”

To say we’ve been very busy lately would be an understatement. We will have attended or hosted no fewer than 8 shows this week alone and three shows are underway today all across Canada. While each event is rewarding it its own way, there is nothing quite like opening your own doors to local youth and putting on a show that will hopefully leave a lasting impression – or better yet – a new direction to explore.

This past Tuesday at In-House Solutions Corporate, we opened our office doors to grade 9 and 10 students from Galt Collegiate Institute with the goal of inspiring, planting ideas and hopefully stimulating their curiosity.

I honestly thought it was great! The best tour I have been on so far.

Nearly 50 students came through to learn about potential career paths in manufacturing. Our application engineers, sales reps and support staff were on hand to talk about what post-secondary level programs they took, how they got to where they are and what it’s like to work in the manufacturing industry.

I thought it was great how you discussed the many career options.

Later, the students were treated to a visual feast of videos courtesy of eduFACTOR and another we shot featuring a robot with a waterjet head cutting a goalie mask out of layered fiberglass, carbon fiber and Kevlar. Each group also got to see a game controller programmed in Mastercam as well as the reverse engineering of a blade using a Romer arm and Master3DGage software.

I liked how you were able to demo the robot and the software for us – it really allowed us to see your software in action.


We followed up with Stacey Keller, one of the instructors, to get a sense of what the kids thought of it all:

The students had a great time – on the bus one student asked “Can we go on a field trip every week?”

We want to thank the educators that made this day possible!

The In-House Solutions Team