Licensing Error for Workstations on NetHASP

Nethasp: Unable to Launch Mastercam from Workstation


When launching Mastercam from a workstation that needs to access the Nethasp for licensing, if it does not have access, one or both of the below pop-ups will occur.

No Mastercam License found

No sim found


Trouble Shooting:

Note: At any point that (version) is present, enter/insert/reference the version of Mastercam in question.
ie. A path states as ‘C:\Program Files\mcam(version)\common’ if you are working in Mastercam X9 the path will be ‘C:\Program Files\mcamX9/common’


Fix 1:

Make sure the NhaspX is set correctly (Start→ All Programs→ Mastercam(version)→ Utilities)



(The computer the NetHasp is located at)
Server location Workstation


Fix 2:

Reboot your server and workstations. This will establish the connection to the server and restart the license manager.

Fix 3:

It is possible that the connection to the NetHasp was lost or the port is no longer working as expected. Move the NetHasp to another port.

Fix 4:

Restart the license manager. This can be done through the services manager, through cmd, or you can reboot the server.
You need to be physically on the computer with the nethasp.

To update through cmd…
Search cmd
Type: net stop “HASP Loader”
Type: net start “HASP Loader”
***If service is invalid then it is not installed.


Reinstall the Licence Manager from

Reinstall License Manager


Fix 5:

Set the nethasp.ini on the workstations to look to the server’s IP address.
C:\Program Files\mcam(version)
Open nethasp.ini in notepad
Note: You may need to save to the desktop then drag the file back in if you do not have rights to save here.
7_Licensing error for workstations on NetHASP


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