Mastercam 2019 Highlights

Mastercam 2019 helps streamline your entire process, from job set to job completion.

Mastercam 2019 logoThe latest version of our CAD/CAM software offers many new features, advancements, and time-saving innovations. Since different applications are of greater importance depending on your field, this summary merely presents a cross-section of highlights available in Mastercam 2019.


Advanced Toolpath Display
Individual sections can be modified in color and line thickness. Entry and exit, as well as rapid and micro lift movements, can now be toggled and viewed separately.

Within shading, several new textures have been added to material mode. You decide the sheen and surface quality for the perfect impression.

Cross-Section View
With just one click, any view can become a cross-section view. A very helpful function for part analysis or viewing toolpaths within parts, which are hard to see.

Solids and Model Prep Enhancements
New align functions, expanded Push-Pull, and the new Solid Hole function are helpful to streamline and automate part preparation.


Check Holder
The check holder function has been reworked and integrated completely into the Mastercam interface. This function allows for quick and reliable checking of tool stickout lengths, which can be adjusted automatically. The collision lines can be highlighted (shown here in red).

New Circle Segment Tools
Following the success of Mastercam’s Accelerated Finishing® technology, the definition of these tools has been further optimized. The tool types are now categorized as Barrel Form, Taper Form and Lens Form. Existing libraries from Emuge, Fraisa, Hoffmann, and Voha are readily available for all users.

New 2D Toolpath: Model Chamfer
By choosing any body edges, chamfers are created automatically while considering clearance. Entry and exit moves, as well as contour cuts and extensions, are determined by the system. Contours of fixtures are recognized and protected from collision. A complex, prismatic part can be chamfered completely, with just a few clicks.

New 3D Toolpath: Equal Scallop
The new spiral structure of 3D contours eliminates the need for stepovers between offset paths (shown here in orange). The machine executes a fluid movement, resulting in higher optical surface finish quality.

New Toolpath: Deburr
Mastercam Multiaxis offers a new toolpath for breaking edges in 3D and up to 5-axis manufacturing. This new strategy supports ball end and lollipop mills. Advantages: breaking edges within complex parts, as well as machining geometry with undercuts have become simple, routine operations.

New 3D toolpath: 3D Contour Smoothing
The new parameter “smoothing” filters out sudden changes in direction. Reversing points are reduced and the machine can more easily keep the feed rate.

Multithreading (Multicore CPU support)
The classic 5-axis strategies like contour, swarf, flowline, and multisurface now support multithreading. Testing showed time savings of up to 90% (24 seconds versus 4 minutes). CPU load increased by 20%. A big advantage of multithreading is that during calculations, work within the system can continue.


Support of 3D Tools
Mastercam 2019 allows for the integration of turning toolpaths via 3D STEP data within the software. The new Tool Designer systematically leads you through the definition of the turning tools, simplifying the creation of new tools.

Multiple Plunge
The Multiple Plunge option is now available within Groove toolpaths. It minimizes tool deflection during the cut and offers full control over the machining process. This option is suitable for deep and wide grooves. While using the option, machining is done with 30 to 50% higher feed rates.

Sandvik Coromant PrimeTurning™ Method
The PrimeTurning toolpath, an Add-On to Mastercam 2018, has been fully integrated into Mastercam 2019. As opposed to conventional turning, PrimeTurning allows for machining in all directions. This leads to a significant increase in efficiency and productivity. You benefit from machining strategies for the biggest innovation in turning.


Power Surfaces
With the new power-surfaces function, surfaces can easily be created from curves and adjacent surfaces.

Layer Structures
Mastercam 2019 allows you to import and export layer names and structures, which saves time, and less input is needed when using similar file structures.

Drill Construction
Solid construction now includes a feature for parametric drill hole construction. Drill forms are associative and can be edited via the legend anytime.

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