Mastercam 2020 Highlights

Mastercam 2020 helps streamline your entire process, from job setup to job completion.

This highlight list is only a sample of the developments in Mastercam 2020. The latest version of our CAD/CAM software offers many new features, advancements, and time-saving innovations.


Design and Visualization



You can now change the opacity level when Translucency (on the View tab) is toggled on. Use the Opacity slider under Translucent view on the Shading page to make adjustments.


Mastercam Section View

Section View

Improvements in material display deliver a more crisp and realistic view of your sectioned parts.


Mastercam Modeling and Geometry Control

Modeling and Geometry Control

Easily align merging geometry with target geometry as it comes in and have Mastercam separate and auto-number your merged layers. Easier solid face alignment, enhanced surface control, and expanded wireframe curve-from-entity controls also streamline modeling.


Mastercam Faster, Easier Solid Chaining

Faster, Easier Solid Chaining

Chain selection can be set to see only bosses or cavities on a solid face. Multiple, unconnected chains can be created in the same chaining session. New shortcuts let you select similar fillets, holes, or features for chaining.


Mill, Router and Mastercam for SOLIDWORKS


Mastercam Toolpath Hole Definition

Toolpath Hole Definition

Hole making is easier with Toolpath Hole Definition now supporting the selection of solid features and lines, in addition to arcs, points, and AutoCursor positions. You can also pick all or some matching diameters and vectors.


Mastercam Multiple Air Regions

Multiple Air Regions

You can now have multiple air region chains, instead of only one per machining region for Dynamic Mill and Area Mill toolpaths, defining different safe regions in which the tool can travel.


Mastercam Rest Roughing with Holder Checking

Rest Roughing with Holder Checking

New for 2020, you do not have to define both a maximum and minimum value for rest roughing. Minimum depth can be determined automatically by the stock model.


Mastercam Dynamic Motion™

Dynamic Motion™

Mastercam’s signature Dynamic Motion toolpath has been updated to streamline performance and increase programming speed.


Mastercam Advanced Tool Containment

Advanced Tool Containment

New options deliver additional ways to ensure the cutter stays precisely where you want it. New “Silhouette Boundary” automatically adds a full silhouette machining boundary to any boundaries you already have selected. Tool offset options and tip/contact point control are expanded across a variety of toolpaths.


Mastercam Multisurface Blend

Multisurface Blend

This new finishing toolpath quickly blends different boundaries together, delivering superior surface quality with full control over stock and holder checking.


Mastercam Multiaxis Deburr

Multiaxis Deburr

You now have the benefit of fast, automated part deburring using climb or conventional cutting, with more controls for selecting which area of your part to deburr.


Mastercam Port Expert Rest Material

Port Expert Rest Material

Port Expert is now material-aware, allowing automated programming of remaining stock.


Mastercam Accelerated Finishing™

Accelerated Finishing™

New support for oval form and lens barrel form tools delivers faster, smoother finishes on select surfaces.


Mastercam Faster Toolpaths
Faster Toolpaths

Several milling strategies have been given a speed boost including 2D Dynamic Motion, 3D high speed linking, and 5-Axis Curve machining.


Mastercam Optimized Equal Scallop Machining - Closed Strategy

Mastercam Optimized Equal Scallop Machining - Trimmed Strategy






Optimized Equal Scallop Machining

Mastercam’s Equal Scallop toolpath delivers a consistent finish across sloped, curved, and flat surfaces. Now tool tip containment and “Closed” or “Trimmed” toolpath offsets deliver optimal finishes for different types of complex shapes. (Closed Strategy is shown on the left, Trimmed Strategy is shown on the right)


Lathe and Mill-Turn


Mastercam 3D Tooling Enhancements

3D Tooling Enhancements

Mastercam’s new Insert Design and Holder Designer help you quickly build your own assemblies for custom tooling or elements not in your library. 3D tool management is more convenient, with better visualization and selection options and the ability to “stop on contact” when mating inserts to holders.


Mastercam Machine Simulation

Machine Simulation

Select lathes now have full machine simulation, giving a more precise understanding of the machine’s interaction with the tooling and part.


Streamlined Mill-Turn

The component library lets you save items such as chucks and jaws for quick use from one job to another. Improved machine configuration workflow in Mill-Turn speeds up and simplifies the product throughout.


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