Mastercam eCourses – Now 25% Off!

Mastercam eCourses - Log in & learn for 25% off!*For a limited time only!

Are you ready to take your Mastercam skills to the next level? Starting this March, our popular video eCourses not only make Mastercam learning convenient, they are more cost-effective than ever! For a limited time only, all eCourses are available at a 25% discount.

Serving the manufacturing industry as well as educational institutions, these step-by-step eCourses enhance an individual’s ability to excel in four different subject areas:

  • Click now to save 25%Mill Essentials
  • Mill Advanced
  • Lathe
  • Multiaxis Essentials

We’ve brought the classroom to you!

In-House Solutions has taken their most popular Mastercam training tutorial books and have made them available in a friendly video format. Online tutorials and quizzes are designed to develop and test knowledge at all levels of learning. The ‘log-in & learn’ layout of each eCourse enables users to create their own on-line classroom, where each user’s experience is customized through features such as usage tracking. Now individual users can make the most of this tailored learning experience at their own convenience and without any additional expense.

Aside from the 25% discount provided, the eCourses themselves provide value in a myriad of ways.

  • Available in X7, X8 or X9 versions
  • Quizzes following each tutorial with accompanying certificate of completion
  • Fully narrated by Mastercam trainers
  • Online previews including full table of contents and approximate completion time ranges
  • Mastercam X9 Home Learning Edition demo software
  • Corresponding eBook
  • Customized learning experience
  • Lifetime access – learn at your own pace!

Looking for a cost effective way to train employees?

As many people are time-sensitive (and with good reason) in today’s society, the eCourses present a practical and plausible solution that enables employees to gain new skills outside of traditional working hours. With the average completion time for each eCourse taking approximately 7.5 to 15 hours, these on-line learning solutions are ideal for companies searching for a cost-effective method to train both new and seasoned employees in a variety of Mastercam subjects.

Looking for a cost-effective way to train students?

Educational institutions can seamlessly integrate these on-line materials into their curriculum, ultimately providing students with a digital learning option that is designed not only to broaden their knowledge and skills, but to also prepare them for even more advanced studies. With eCourses being easily accessible, in conjunction with providing a progressive and comprehensive learning curve for students, these materials are highly suitable for long-distance education programs as well.

What are you waiting for?

Without question, this limited-time 25% discount offer on all eCourse materials is valuable to individuals, organizations, and post-secondary institutions alike. While providing customized and convenient Mastercam learning methodologies in an economical fashion is beneficial for several reasons, there is only one remaining question that you really need to answer: are you ready to take your Mastercam skills to the next level?

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