Mastercam Quick Reference Guide

Download Mastercam Quick Reference Guide PDF

Map any Mastercam function to a custom keyboard shortcut:

Choose File, Options, Customize Ribbon. Then click the Customize button to open the Customize Keyboard dialog box.


About Mastercam Alt+V About Mastercam • Alt+V

Analyze Entity F4 Analyze Entity • F4

Auto Save Alt+A Auto Save • Alt+A

Configure Mastercam Alt+F8 Configure Mastercam • Alt+F8

Copy to clipboard Ctrl+C Copy to clipboard • Ctrl+C

Cut to clipboard Ctrl+X Cut to clipboard • Ctrl+X

Delete Entities F5 Delete Entities • F5

Drafting Options Alt+D Drafting Options • Alt+D

Exit Mastercam Alt+F4 Exit Mastercam • Alt+F4

Fit Alt+F1 Fit • Alt+F1

Grid Settings Alt+G Grid Settings • Alt+G

Gview–Back Alt+3 Gview–Back • Alt+3

Gview–Bottom Alt+4 Gview–Bottom • Alt+4

Gview–Front Alt+2 Gview–Front • Alt+2

Gview–Isometric Alt+7 Gview–Isometric • Alt+7

Gview–Left Gview–Left • Alt+6

No Icon Gview–Previous View • Alt+P

Gview–Right Alt+5Gview–Right • Alt+5

Gview–Top Alt+1 Gview–Top • Alt+1

Help Alt+H Help • Alt+H

Hide/Unhide Alt+E Hide/Unhide • Alt+E

No Icon Levels Manager • Alt+Z

Set From Entity Alt+X Set From Entity • Alt+X

Rotate Position Alt+F12 Rotate Position • Alt+F12

No Icon Multi-Threading Manager • Alt+M

Pan-Arrow keys Pan • Arrow keys

Paste Ctrl+V Paste • Ctrl+V

No Icon Planes Manager • Alt+L

Redo Ctrl+Y Redo • Ctrl+Y

Rotate Alt+Arrow keys Rotate • Alt+Arrow keys

Run Add-In Alt+C Run Add-In • Alt+C

Save Ctrl+S Save • Ctrl+S

Save As Ctrl+Shift+S Save As • Ctrl+Shift+S

Select All Ctrl+A Select All • Ctrl+A

Shading toggle Alt+S Shading toggle • Alt+S

Shading Translucency toggle Ctrl+T Shading Translucency toggle • Ctrl+T

Show Gnomons Alt+F9 Show Gnomons • Alt+F9

Show Axes F9 Show Axes • F9

No Icon Show/hide displayed toolpaths • Alt+T

No Icon Solids Manager • Alt+I

No Icon Toolpaths Manager • Alt+O

Unzoom 80% Alt+F2 Unzoom 80% • Alt+F2

Unzoom Previous/50% F2 Unzoom Previous/50% • F2

Undo Ctrl+Z Undo • Ctrl+Z

Window F1 Window • F1

No Icon Zoom/unzoom by 5% • Pg Up/Pg Down

Download Mastercam Quick Reference Guide PDF

On-Screen Editing Tools


Dynamic Gnomon

DynamicGnomonThe Dynamic Gnomon helps you manipulate geometry and planes interactively. The gnomon comprises three axes connected at an origin sphere. Choose from the selection points listed here to apply different types of transformations to either the gnomon or your selected geometry.

1 – Align
2 – Translate Along
3 – 3D Translate/Polar
4 – Gnomon/Geometry Switch
5 – XY Orient
6 – 2D Rotate
7 – 3D Rotate

See Mastercam Help for more information.

Polar control

PolarControlThe Polar control consists of the origin sphere, a rotation compass, and a green single-axis arrow. It can rotate as well as edit the position of entities in the graphics window.

Rotate control

RotateControlThe Rotate control can only rotate on-screen entities within the current Cplane. It consists of the origin sphere and a rotation compass.

Delta control

DeltaControlThe Delta control consists of the origin sphere and three single-axis arrows that can be manipulated independently.

Hover over any single-axis arrow until it highlights. Click and drag the arrow to a new position using the ruler to guide your placement.

To rotate entities on screen, hover over the blue circle until the rotation compass appears. Rotate the control or enter a value in the on-screen field. Rotating from inside the compass allows you to snap to angular increments. Manipulating either control outside the compass ignores the snap control.

Quick Masks

QuickMasksQuick Masks let you control entity masking with a single mouse click. Each Quick Mask button has two functions, depending on whether you click the left half or right half of the button. Hover your mouse over each button half to view its function.

  • Click the left half of a Quick Mask button to immediately select all instances of the entity type.
  • Click the right half of the same button to limit your individual selections to only the specific entity type.
  • Use the Select All Advanced/Select Only Advanced Quick Mask button to open the Select All dialog box or the Select Only dialog box to filter selections by entity attributes.
  • The right half of the Clear All Masking button clears all selection criteria from both the Select All and the Select Only dialog boxes.

Download Mastercam Quick Reference Guide PDF