Mill-Turn Part 4: Running Efficiently with Confidence

Getting in Sync with Mill-Turn

A CAD/CAM approach for making the most out of your multistream manufacturing investments
Mastercam Mill-Turn

Part 4 of 4: Running Efficiently with Confidence

Mastercam’s Sync Manager in combination with the software’s full machine simulation capabilities makes it possible to safely coordinate axes for simultaneous multi-axis machining. Users report 30 to 60% improvements in productivity based on the use of simultaneous machining vs. programming axes to machine serially.

Sync Manager. The Mill-Turn’s Sync Manager is a user-friendly way to optimize part cycle times and avoid collisions before the part reaches the machine. It has all of the tools necessary to graphically optimize part cycle times and avoid collisions. Unlimited streams can be coordinated intuitively in a graphic environment via drag, drop, and sync operations. Easily navigate the Gantt-style timeline and vertical stream interface to coordinate operations and track cycle time estimates.

Graphical feedback, tooltips, and color-coded operations keep programmer/machinists better informed. Customizable programming “tokens” let you tailor the G-code representation in the final output based on specific end-user requirements.

Simulation. Simulation provides you with the ability to safely and confidently run your job on your machine environment virtually before it reaches the shop floor. All of your machine’s components and your project’s machined stock are run from the safety of your desktop, ensuring a safe and secure machining experience. You can identify potential collisions, and explore ways to optimize your processes with simulation. Also, you will be able to view all streams and statistics of the entire machining process, and have the capability to jump to any point in the machining process with the click of a button.

Full machine simulation allows the user to visualize and simulate everything that is taking place, everywhere in his multi-axis CNC program. Everywhere includes: tools, turrets, fixtures, setups and complete machine configurations.

This visualization tool confirms the safety and efficacy of toolpaths and safe synchronization of all movements, giving users the confidence needed to program multi-stream systems for optimal productivity even when operated without attendants.

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