NEW! X8 Solids Update Training Course

NEW! Solids Update Training CourseDo you use Mastercam Solids to create CAD models?

Do you import existing Solid models that sometimes require changes?

Are you using the Solids add-on to its fullest capabilities?

The Mastercam X8 Solids module has made drastic improvements in functionality, and workflow. If you would like classroom instruction on the Solids add-on, attend our X8 Solids Update Training Course.


Mastercam Solids Update Training Course:

This introduces you to powerful solid modeling and solid editing.

You will learn modeling techniques like revolved, extrude, loft, and sweep commands. You will learn how to modify the solid using filleting, chamfering and shelling features and how to reorder an edit operations using the history tree. You will also learn how to modify solids without history based on selected faces or features.

Mill Level 3 Training or equivalent knowledge.

What’s Included:
Each trainee is provided with a workstation. All training materials are included.

FREE for Maintenance Customers!

1 Day (8 hours) Offered at customer’s site, or if needed at In-House Solutions upon availability.

For more information on dates and location click here.