OCTOPUZ v1.5 Update Highlights

OCTOPUZ v1.5 brings with it exciting new core updates, including an OCTOPUZ eCatalog, full RTCP support and automatic rail settings. Welding with OCTOPUZ? Look for GUI enhancements and weaving simulation. This is a free update for anyone on OCTOPUZ maintenance.


Core Updates:

• OCTOPUZ eCatalog
• Ability to Modify Languages of Addons
• Rail Settings Now Automatic
• Auto-save Prompter Added
• Mastercam Toolpath Enhancements
• Upgraded Autopositioner Setting
• Changing Tool Commands for Schema
• Full Remote Tool Center Point (RTCP) Support
• Support APT Import

General Updates:

• KUKA CNC – Externals Added
• Import Defaults – Linear and Joint Speeds are Now Real Numbers

Welding Updates:

• ABB Welding Support
• KUKA KRC2 Welding Support
• Laser Searching Option Support
• Arc/Circle Support
• Beginning and End Stitch Lengths Customizable
• Rail Offset Option for External Rails Added
• Custom Spot Welds option for Weld Path
• Touch Sensing Only Option Path Improvements
• Arc On and Arc Off Buttons Can be Used to Weld Specific Locations
• Simulate Weaving
• GUI Enhancements
• Touch Sensing for Schema Added

OCTOPUZ is the intelligent offline robot programming and simulation software created by In-House Solutions. It allows for offline start-to-finish programming and simulation, cuts path generation time by at least 50% and allows users to program multiple robots simultaneously without impacting production time. OCTOPUZ is compatible with as many as 19 robot brands, offers full customization and comes with extensive support before, during and after each sale through training, software assistance and cell programming.

To learn more about OCTOPUZ or to arrange a personalized demonstration, find an OCTOPUZ partner near you, email OCTOPUZ, or call 1-800-529-5517