OCTOPUZ v1.7 – Now Available!

Robot programming and simulation software, OCTOPUZ, announced their new release last week. V1.7 comes packed with new features and enhancements, presenting a host of exciting new capabilities and improvements carefully crafted to boost productivity, usability, and efficiency. Watch the video for a detailed demo of six of the new updates in V1.7. This update is available for all customers currently on maintenance.

Not using OCTOPUZ to program your robots? Read on for some reasons why you’ll want to download OCTOPUZ V1.7.

1. SmartPath Tool

SmartPath provides users with an automated method for determining the orientation of the robot to complete paths. Orientation changes are made based on conflicts detected in the program, including joint limits, joint multi-turns, singularities, collisions, and reach limitations.

2. Tool Manager

This brand new functionality allows users to create a tool list to be stored in the virtual cell environment. It allows the manipulation of tools once brought into the program from CAM software. The tool will automatically update, and automatically align to the gripper or end of robot.

3. Code Importing

OCTOPUZ now has the ability to take existing programs off of robots and import the coordinate data into the software, making the import process much easier.

4. Hide Schema Tool

Toolpaths can now be hidden to make parts more visible. This feature is particularly useful for complex parts that normally would be difficult to manipulate and view without hiding the schemas.

5. Updated Mastercam 2017 Interface

OCTOPUZ now features a new and improved Mastercam interface. This interface is designed to work seamlessly with OCTOPUZ Tool Manager, and provide a better user experience and usability.

OCTOPUZ is an intelligent offline robotic programming and simulation software ideal for any sized company. It offers the ability to program, simulate and generate code for multiple robots, simultaneously, with support for most robot brands in any configuration. OCTOPUZ is fully customizable to your needs, and our extensive support will provide assistance before, during, and after the sale.

To learn more about OCTOPUZ, or to request a free personalized demo for your application, contact us today!