Portable Measuring Arms

Portable measuring arms allow you to take measurements directly in the manufacturing environment, where process improvements are the most beneficial.

Which Absolute Arm model is right for you?

The Absolute Arm is available in three models, three accuracy levels and seven sizes, which together offer up to 36 different configurations, any one of which could be the best suited to your particular application. So which is the right choice for you?

Absolute Arm 7-Axis

Absolute Arms - 7-axis, 6-axis & compactThe flagship of the Absolute Arm range. Offering high-accuracy touch probing alongside fast and accurate 3D laser scanning, it’s a truly multifunctional measurement tool that can meet a wider range of metrological challenges than ever before.
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Absolute Arm 6-Axis

For those who need the reach of a full-sized articulated measuring arm but are focused on touch probe, single point, very high accuracy measurements.
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Absolute Arm Compact

The most accurate and most portable measuring arm in the world. It’s for those that need to measure small parts to an ultra-high degree of accuracy on the shop floor, whether on a desktop on directly under the CNC machine for part alignment.
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The three Series in which the Absolute Arm models are available refer to their accuracy performance. Full accuracy specifications according to ISO 10360-12 can be found in the Absolute Arm brochure.

The 83 Series arms offer entry-level measurement accuracy and are great value for those users that have only basic metrology requirements.

The 85 Series arms are the perfect balance between value for money and accurate measurement, providing the accuracy needed for a wide range of applications.

The 87 Series arms are the ultimate solution for high-end portable measurement, quite simply the best portable measuring arms available today.


Absolute Arms come in a range of seven sizes. Smallest is the 1.2 metre diameter measurement volume of the Absolute Arm Compact. The full-sized Absolute Arm systems are available in measurement volume diameters of 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0 and 4.5 metres.

When choosing an arm size, it’s important to remember two things: firstly, that accuracy performance is inherently better with a shorter arm because of its kinematic properties; and secondly, that our model sizes correspond to the diameter of the maximum usable measurement volume we recommend for that arm model. The actual maximum reach of an arm is typically 10-15 percent larger than the measurement diameter. When comparing arms that claim to be the same size, make sure they really are the same size by the same realistic standard.

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