CIMCO Probing

CIMCO Probing is a fully integrated add-on for Mastercam that helps improve the machining process by being a natural part of the Mastercam programming process. Probing helps improve the overall quality of parts, increase productivity and reduces the set-up time. Easily program your spindle-mounted touch probe directly in Mastercam the same way you program toolpaths.


CIMCO Probing includes a wide range of Probe Cycles to suit most of your measurement needs. These can be customizable through user-defined parameters with assisting drawings that make it simple to see what each parameter controls in the cycle. As a bonus, parameter values can be filled in automatically based on stock model geometry.


Easily select surface points and surface normals on curved geometry through surface probing. For any point selected, a measuring cycle is created, and the result of the measurement is compared with the 3D Model.


Seamlessly works inside Mastercam and has its own dedicated tab in the Ribbon bar. Probing options are presented in the Manager Panel and once a cycle is added, it is stored in Mastercam’s Toolpath Manager for easy access and adjustability.


All probe tool movements can be fully visualized and verified using Mastercam Backplot, Verify, and Machine Simulation. On top of its convenience, this also helps the user feel confident about their probe tool remaining undamaged during machining as collisions can be detected and resolved before the programming even begins.

Frequently asked questions

Why is Mastercam the most used CAM software in the World?

Many reasons explain this, but Mastercam is well known for its great balance in ease of use and flexibility. Combined with an experienced resellers network, Mastercam has become the worldwide go to product for manufacturing.

What are the license types available with Mastercam?

Mastercam offer permanent and subscription license types to provide the best option based on your needs.

Is Mastercam compatible with most of the CAD software on the market?

Yes, Mastercam can convert most of the CAD software on the market. See the full list on the Mastercam website.

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