CIMCO DNC-Max is the most trusted CNC communication software on the market today, designed to make every aspect of CNC communications more reliable and efficient. CIMCO DNC-Max works with your existing CNC machines, robots, PLCs and test stands and provides a fully-featured solution for managing and transferring CNC programs.


The CIMCO DNC-Max is a Client/Server solution that consists of the DNC-Max Client, Web Client and Server with the DNC-Max Server being the main component as this handles all communication activities and calculations. This can be run in the background as an application or as a service when needed.


The PC interface of DNC-Max, also referred to as the DNC-Max Client, allows users to manage local or remote file transfers, monitor machine ports, and perform remote network configuration and administration of multiple servers – this can be done from a single point.


Already utilizing CIMCO Edit and want the features of DNC-Max? The full DNC-Client is available as an add-on which provides a seamlessly integrated application interface.


The DNC-Max Web Client is the newest feature of CIMCO DNC-Max. It is a modern, browser-based application that works on mobile, tablet, desktop, and TV. Built using state-of-the-art web technologies, it provides a fast and responsive user experience while also being able to support local/remote file transfers, file previews, transfer queues, port organization, and much more.


The In-House Solutions Tech Team has come up with a list of resources to help you with any common problems that could occur while using CIMCO DNC-Max.

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Frequently asked questions

Can machine operators send and receive programs?

Yes, using the remote request function, operators can download programs directly from their CNC control without having to leave the machine.

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