Edit Programming

CIMCO Edit provides a comprehensive set of essential editing tools necessary for meeting the demands of modern CNC program editing. It is easy to use and includes powerful features that help improve the productivity of CNC programmers.


It comes with an extensive set of editing tools that will be usual for day-to-day work tasks. This includes line numbering, renumbering, character handling, XYZ range finder, tool compensation, basic math functions and much more!


Replicate your NC programs in 3D with the 3,4, or 5-axis milling and turning back plotter. This supports high-resolution simulation of stock material removal, toolholder collision checking, and gouge protection


The File Compare feature identifies new, changed, and deleted lines but ignores trivial format changes such as block renumbering and spacing. There are a few different ways of displaying the differences. It can be displayed one line at a time, all lines at once or printed side-by-side for offline viewing.


Hover your mouse over any M or G Code and the NC-Assistant will recognize the code which will then allow you to alter its values using an interactive interface linked to your CNC code. The code is updated automatically for you once the desired values are inputted.

Frequently asked questions

Can I backplot the actual NC code?

With Cimco Edit Pro you are able to edit and backplot the actual NC code.

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