In today’s complex and competitive global markets, it is more important than ever to maximize effective use of manufacturing equipment. CIMCO MDC-Max is the complete MDC solution that automatically gathers and processes manufacturing data from the shop floor in real-time. Easily generate reports and charts with automatic calculation of OEE, cycle time, idle time, setup time, downtime and more.


MDC-Max is a highly expandable solution that has proven to show great benefit for both small job shops and large enterprises with hundreds of machines in multiple facilities in different locations across the globe. System components include the Server, PC and Web Client which can either run on a single PC or be distributed across multiple servers.


MDC-Max has a secure and powerful server application that operates a fast SQL database. It does everything behind the scenes for you. This includes, but not limited to, processing incoming data, updating reports, distributing monitoring data to Dashboards, Live Screens, and Operator Screens.


The PC Client is a window-based application that provides the core interface for configuring the system while the Web Client works on any mobile device. Both can display on Live Screens, Operator Screens, and any other advanced reporting features.

Frequently asked questions

Is Mastercam compatible with most of the CAD software on the market?

Yes, Mastercam can convert most of the CAD software on the market. See the full list on the Mastercam website.

What are the license types available with Mastercam?

Mastercam offer permanent and subscription license types to provide the best option based on your needs.

Why is Mastercam the most used CAM software in the World?

Many reasons explain this, but Mastercam is well known for its great balance in ease of use and flexibility. Combined with an experienced resellers network, Mastercam has become the worldwide go to product for manufacturing.

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