CIMCO MDM is a manufacturing data management system that helps you organize and manage all your manufacturing related documents.

Manufacturing companies often need to manage large amounts of documents such as CAD/CAM files, NC programs, setup sheets, tool lists, and QA documents. Not having all these documents securely stored, organized, and made accessible can lead to wasted time, decreased production, and costly mistakes.


This client/server-based system consists of the MDM Server, Client, and Web Client – with the server being the core component. Having your machines on your network gives you access to machine directories which provides several advantages, such as sending and receiving files right from the control on your machine.


CIMCO MDM integrates with all your applications that are already in use. It has special support for handling and transferring tool information, NC programs, and previews with CAM software from different vendors. For a faster workflow, document templates can be created in the MDM Client and configured for specific machine models in your set-up.


With a highly flexible and secure User management and Permissions system, it enables the admin to set different levels of access to different users. This ultimately allows the admin to decide how much authority they have over the documents going in and out of the system for specific machines. 


This feature of MDM allows options with automating workflow processes based on document status changes, which enables locking or unlocking NC files, setting a transfer limit, requesting a comment when a status-change happens, etc. This is fully customizable.

Frequently asked questions

Why is Mastercam the most used CAM software in the World?

Many reasons explain this, but Mastercam is well known for its great balance in ease of use and flexibility. Combined with an experienced resellers network, Mastercam has become the worldwide go to product for manufacturing.

What are the license types available with Mastercam?

Mastercam offer permanent and subscription license types to provide the best option based on your needs.

Is Mastercam compatible with most of the CAD software on the market?

Yes, Mastercam can convert most of the CAD software on the market. See the full list on the Mastercam website.

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