Post Processing Software​

At In-House Solutions, our product is supported by a world class team of developers who are ready to work with you to customize your post to your particular needs. If there is a feature you need that is not currently supported, then our team will develop a custom solution for you.

IKE and IKE+

A post-processor is a critical step for any CAD-CAM process. Our product is being constantly developed to provide users with more customizable options to provide maximum control for safe and efficient G-code to drive the machine. Built off the many years of experience that the In-House post team has to offer, our posts can maintain safety in a multitude of fringe situations that are rarely considered. We can also prevent and avoid crashes and bugs before they even happen. The best post is one that you never notice, because it runs without issues which is why our goal is to have edit-free code.


IKE posts are the most powerful and flexible product available on the market. Our uniquely integrated IKE math allows for a seamless transition between multiple coordinate output styles which makes the possibilities endless.

Canned Drilling
Sub Programs
Cutter Compensation
Work Offset
Home Positions
Polar Interpolation for any Configuration
Axis substitution for any configuration
Origin Shift
Any T/C Plane Orientation
Multiaxis Link
Built-in Machine Simulation*
FREE Built-in Setup Sheet
TCP (G43.4, M128, TRAORI, G169)
DWO (G54.2, G254, CALL OO88, etc.)
*Paid add-on. You supply machine models.


IKE allows you to cut your parts with confidence and keeps your shop running smoothly. These built-ins can take your post a step further.


IKE posts come fully prepared with the ability to generate the most accurate version of machine simulation available on the market. It uses actual machine models and generates simulation movement through the post to accurately represent what will happen on the machine.


Built-in setup sheets support both operation and tool lists. These lists are customizable which makes it easy to add and remove fields and sections. Built-in setup sheet support is generated automatically at the time of posting.


The In-House Solutions Post Team has come up with a list of resources and how-to-tips to help you with installing your posts, making zip2go files, reloading your machine and other common processes that you may need.

Frequently asked questions

Why should I upgrade to an IKE post?

A post from 10 years ago will run well with 10-year-old toolpaths. Posts are constantly being developed to run with the latest version of Mastercam. Our team is always working to support the latest features and ensure the post is optimized for the most recent Mastercam version. For example: multi-axis link support was added into Mastercam and is only supported with recent IKE Posts.

We are also developing new posts for new machines as well. This means we are supporting the latest technologies the machines are coming out with.

Will I be able to receive post or tech support if I run into any problems?

Our focus is on Mastercam customers, and making sure their posts work well, but we take a holistic view of the entire CAD-CAM process. We try to make sure the post is a functional stage in your process, not a complicated process that you need to dance around.

In-House Solutions has a large team of experienced developers who work directly with customers to understand their specific wants and needs. Our team works collaboratively to help solve whatever problems you may be having. We want to work with you.

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