Machine simulation

The IKE posts come fully prepared with the ability to generate the most accurate version of machine simulation available on the market. This is not a true G-code simulation, but it is the next best thing. The post generates the G-code and reverse-posts the information at the same time to generate the machine simulation driving file as it is generating the G-code, using all the same post logic. Controller functions like Tilted plane and TCP can now be simulated to generate accurate machine motion at a fraction of the cost of a true G-code simulation. If your simulation saves you even a single crash, then it has already paid for itself.


The simulation can show collisions between the machine, tool, workpiece, fixture, stock, table, and head. Custom collision detections are also available.


The simulation will match the programmed/output tilt solution for each operation. This is a more accurate representation of the actual machine and helps with collision detection, seeing the part, instabilities unwind and solution flips.


Simulation will accurately show approach motion from post/NC code, including coordinate transforms like TCP and Tilted planes. It will also accurately show retract motion from post/NC code.

Custom home positions can easily be set within the post.

Frequently asked questions

Can it support multiple heads/configurations?

Yes, we can support right angle heads, flex aggregate heads, multiple tables, etc.

Can it simulate unwinds, instabilities, and solution changes?

Yes, since the post creates this motion, it will show this.

Can it simulate TCP and TWP?

Yes, we have written logic to mimic TCP and TWP on the machine.

Is it NC code simulation?

Not exactly, but it is as close as possible. We are running through the post just like when generating the NC code

How does this differ from the Mastercam built in simulation?

The external post simulation runs through the post to generate the machine movement to mimic what will happen to the machine