Absolute Arm 7-Axis

The Absolute Arm 7-Axis is the clear choice for high-end portable measurement applications. With usability central to its design, this is an articulating measuring arm that can’t be beaten when it comes to ease of movement and measurement. The flagship AS1 Laser Scanner is the key to high-end 3D scanning and digitization and can be quickly mounted on the Absolute Arm 7-Axis with no need for recalibration.


Proficient at high-accuracy touch probing while also capable of high-end, high-productivity laser scanning in combination with the Absolute Scanner AS1 or RS-Squared Area Scanner.


The renowned Absolute Encoders placed in every articulated joint of the Absolute Arm make it the only portable measuring arm on the market to eliminate encoder referencing and frustrating system warm-up times, boosting productivity while delivering high-end accuracy.


The world’s first portable measuring arm with an IP54 rating. You can guarantee full functionality in temperatures up to 45 degrees Celsius which makes the Absolute Arm the perfect partner for measurement.


The largest Absolute Arm 7-Axis systems weigh only 10.5 kilograms which makes for an easy and quick set-up process. On top of this, the shock-resistant carrying case keeps everything secure during transport.

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