The Verisurf Measure is the metrology tool for feature-based part inspection. This software module provides a complete set of tools that are simple yet flexible for print-based feature inspections and part-characteristic analysis. It also provides the user with live inspection results from virtually any 3D measuring device.


With any measuring device being able to interface in real-time, Measure allows you to measure features from precise single points to point clouds with ease. On top of that, it can also set unique GD&T constraints, see the device displayed on your screen as well as have smart tools automatically detect features while measuring.


VDI is a powerful interface that connects and controls all measuring devices virtually from anywhere. These measuring devices range from stationary and portable CMMs to laser trackers and scanners, along with many others. With this, it makes your chosen device work effortlessly.


FeatureAlign and AutoAlign features make Verisurf Measure extremely accurate. Using FeatureAlign when measuring allows the part to align with the device based on measured features and datums, while AutoAlign aligns the device directly to the CAD model. These are fairly new features that now allow the user to store alignment schemes and automate inspection routines to guide the device through inspection. As a bonus, intuitive, visual HTML or Excel-based inspection reports are simple to create.

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