Profit While Investing in Your Company

Sometimes making a payment up-front is just not feasible for your business, this is where leasing comes into place. In-House Solutions has recognized the benefit of multiple payment options and for that reason we have made leasing an alternative payment method for you. Through leasing, businesses can make smaller monthly payments rather than one lump sum which may not always be feasible.

Small payments rather than one lump sum, leasing

There are a number of benefits to leasing including the opportunity to invest in new technology or bringing outsourced manufacturing processes in-house to remain competitive and increase productivity.

Stay Competitive by Keeping Technology Up-to Date

In the competitive market place in which we currently conduct business in there are a number of hurdles that can keep your business from having the competitive advantage it needs to be profitable. One of the main hurdles is the cost of upgrading the technology and software currently being used to one that can optimize your business to reduce time and costs in the long run. This hurdle leads to companies using old and improper software while losing projects and jobs to competitors.

This is where leasing can be a HUGE opportunity for your business.

Rather than having to pay the cost of the new software or technology upfront and all at once, leasing allows the costs to be spread amongst a number of months to make the transition from old to new smooth and feasible. By having this technology in your facility you will not only be able to remain competitive but you will also be profiting while you are paying for the new technology; you will be investing in your business.

Consider the scenario in which the computers in a company are slow and glitch often slowing staff down, but the company is struggling with the cost to replace them as they are only 2 years old. If staff are waiting, for say, 1 full minute for the screen to refresh and this happened approximately 30 times per day this would work out to 2 ½ hours per week or 10 hours per month being loss due to old technology. If the employer is paying his staff member $30 per hour he is wasting $300 per month which would work out to be the cost of leasing the new computers!


Bring Outsourced Processes In-House

A common business practice is to outsource certain services in order to allow your company to focus on what its core product or service is. Unfortunately, the use of 3rd parties can lead to a few concerns that can affect the flow in which your business operates.

For edeadline-stopwatchxample, if Quality Control is outsourced by a company they may have to wait longer to receive inspection reports and may have to adjust their production schedule accordingly to allow for uncontrollable changes in the 3rd party’s schedule.

If the company rather, was able to invest in software to bring the Quality Control process in-house they would have greater control over the production schedule and would be able to take advantage of reduced costs in the long run.  Understandably, the concept of purchasing the software to conduct QC inspections isn’t always viable, in this case leasing would be a great alternative method of payment as it would allow for this process to be conducted in-house without having to have the entire payment available upfront.


Leasing at In-House Solutions

At In-House Solutions we offer leasing as a method of payment for most of our products. Investing in upgrading your software and technology can lead to huge cost savings in the long run. Using leasing as a method of payment will allow you to invest in your business and profit while you pay for the upgraded technology.

Whether it is upgrading to the newest version of Mastercam, investing in robotic simulation software, quality control software or computer integrated manufacturing software leasing may be the cornerstone of growth for your business; we even offer leasing on multiyear maintenance!

We strongly encourage you to contact us to see what is possible for your business using leasing.