Race to IMTS – Machining Strategy Training Event

Looking to Increase your Machining Speed?

Join WIDIA and Mastercam at a modern machining strategy training event. Receive training and a chance to race your way to IMTS!

RACE to IMTS - A Modern Machining Strategy Training EventK1 Speed Toronto
75 Carl Hall Rd #9
North York, ON M3K 2B9

July 12, 2018


Widia - Checkered Flag12 WIDIA/Mastercam Training Events across North America during the Summer of 2018. Training will be followed by go-kart racing where the winner will qualify for a trip to IMTS 2018 to participate in the championship race in Chicago, IL!


How to combine the three essential elements of machining to go faster:
Cutting Tool Performance • Toolpath Strategy • Machine Capabilities

Tool Selection – How to select the proper tool and how to identify when a tool is performing properly.

Toolpath Performance – The evolution of efficient material removal: Moving from traditional machining to modern radial chip thinning, dynamic motion, and high speed machining techniques.

Maching Capability – Why buy a new machine? How adopting newer tooling technology, like “power cutting” and “dynamic motion” techniques may enable your shop to get more out of existing equipment.

Mastercam Machining Effectiveness with Accelerated Finishing and Dynamic Motion

These events are geared to programmers, operators and principles of shops looking to learn more about modern machining techniques. Each event will start later in the day to accommodate daylight production times while still having enough time for networking with industry professionals, and a chance to participate in the regional Race to IMTS event. The winner will qualify for a trip to IMTS 2018 to attend the show and participate in the final race event.