2D Lathe Tool Creation

Creating custom lathe tools in Mastercam is easy! Watch as we use imported wireframe to define a custom tool inside our toolpath for a custom boring bar!

Draw the outline of your custom tool on its own level in Mastercam. The geometry must consist of two closed boundaries: one for the insert and one for the holder. There must only be those two contours. 

From your toolpath parameters right click in the tool selection dialogue and choose Create tool

This can also be done from the Tool Manager 

Select Custom 

Define your primary cut & plunge directions – In this case #3 was suitable 

Define the level you saved your custom tool geometry to – You can also link to an external file 

Define the Corner Radius of your tool & select the Tool Center button to define the center of your cutting edge 

Select the center of tools cutting radius 

Define the tool properties and click the Green Check 

The tool will load as it was defined

Backplot the toolpath – The custom tool will be displayed as shown