Dynamic Transform

In this video we’ll guide you through the use of the dynamic transform tool, allowing you to easily reposition the parts you’re designing.

For Mastercam X8, X9, 2017 and up

Drag Function is now Transform Dynamic

In Mastercam X7 and previous versions, the Drag was a function available under Xform.

Starting with Mastercam X8 and moving forward, this function was removed due to the same functionality being available with TRANSFORM Dynamic.

Although the same functions are available, it appears slightly different.

Select entities.
Press [Enter] or select

Place gnomon origin position.
Move along Axis

Select and drag to move entities in selected axis direction. There is an option to type a specific value

Rotate about an Axis

Select and drag to rotate entities
If this rotation is selected, entities will rotate about this axis

Moving Dynamically

Select and drag to move dynamically. This is helpful to snap to other entities