Inventor 2016 Files Unable to Open in X8 or Older

Issue: Inventor 2016 or Inventor View 2016 files unable to open in X8 or older

Cause: Mastercam X8 (and older) dlls versions are older than the ones installed by Inventor 2016, this causes a conflict.

Note: At any point that (version) is present enter/insert/reference the version of Mastercam in question.

ie. A path states as ‘C:\Program Files\mcam(version)\common’ if you are working in Mastercam X8 the path will be ‘C:\Program Files\mcamX8/common’


  1. Close all Mastercam and Inventor programs
  2. C:\Program Files\mcam(version)
    • Rename dll to TBB.old
    • Rename dll to TBBMALLOC.old
  3. Copy TBB.dll and TBBMALLOC.dll from Inventor or Inventor Viewer folder to mcam(version) folder
    • C:\Program files\Autodesk\Inventor 2016\Bin
    • C:\Program files\Autodesk\Inventor View 2016\Bin