Migrating Mastercam Files – Advanced Option

Before programming in a new version, you must update your files to give you access to the posts.

If you are migrating from the previously released version of Mastercam you will proceed with a Basic Migration. If you are migrating your files from another version up to 3 years prior, you will need to proceed with the Advanced Migration instead.

From the File tab, choose Convert, and then Migration Wizard.

When the Advanced Migration window opens, you want to browse the two source folders to the last version used within 3 versions of the current Mastercam. Continue to click Next leaving everything default.

When able, click Finish to start the migration process.

The process window will pop up showing the progress. This may take a few minutes.

When prompted, choose to apply the action to all subsequent conflicts and backup the original files.

The process will continue until done.

Once done you will be notified and asked if you want to see the results. You can say no.