Model Prep: Split Surface and Move

Below is the sample part to demonstrate the function to split a surface and move a surface.

Model Prep – Split

Create a line on both sides of the feature that you would like to Split / Move.

Create a line on both sides of the solid feature

MODEL PREP > Split Solid Face

Select face.

Select Face

If there is a solid history linked to this part, the pop-up below may occur. In order to process, the history will need to be removed.

Deactivate Solid Face Selection

and select the dividing line.

Deactivate Solid Face Selection. Select Line.


Repeat for the opposite side of the solid.

Model Prep – Move


Pick all faces of the feature.

Pick these faces

Click on the stem of the arrow of the desired axis and drag the gnomon in the desired direction.

Select the arrow and drag the gnomon