Network Software License Install

From the computer/server you intend to host your Mastercam License – Navigate to download and install the following: CodeMeter, Mastercam Activation Wizard

Once installed – Launch the Mastercam Activation Wizard

Select Online Activation/Deactivation

Select Activate a New License

Accept the terms and condition then click Next

Enter your License number & Activation code:

Verify your License information and click Next

Your Mastercam License is now active.

Enable Networkable Software License

Open the System Tray and right click on the CodeMeter Icon

Open the WebAdmin

Hover your mouse over Configuration and select Server

Enable the Network Server and click Apply

From your client computer launch Mastercam 2019 or newer. It is recommended to install the latest version CodeMeter on the client computers also.

If no license is found, ping the IP address of the server from CMD to ensure you can communicate with the server

If the ping fails, contact IT support to establish communication with your Mastercam Server/Host Computer

If the ping is successful add the server IP address to the CodeMeter WebAdmin on the client computer.

Open the System Tray and right click on the CodeMeter Icon

Open the WebAdmin

Click on Configuration then add new Server

Enter the IP address of the Server/Host Computer then click Add

The IP will now be added to the Server Search List – Click Apply to save changes

Close the WedAdmin and try to launch Mastercam 2019 or newer.

If you are still not able to launch Mastercam please contact [email protected]