Roll Unroll 2D Contour with Axis Substitution

Wireframe > Curve All Edges

Activate Solid Selection icon

Solid Face selection

Select the face required

Once desired faces are selected End Selection

Press [Enter]

Transform > Roll

Chain desired geometry


Set to Copy and Unroll. Then enter outside diameter of part.


Note: In some cases your toolpath will not line up with your model after you do the axis substitution toolpath. You may need to adjust the Positioning Angle so they line up.

Toolpath > Contour

Select C-plane > Chain

 Then select the unrolled geometry.


Review all toolpath parameters (as you would in any toolpath).

Under Axis Control select Rotary Axis Control
Under Rotation Type select Axis Substitution
Under Axis Substitution select appropriate axis (in this example select Y axis is used).
Enter Rotary Diameter (Outside diameter of part)


To review toolpath,
Under Operations Manager select Backplot 

Press Play to backplot your operation