Setting Up A Network CIMCO License

Find your download file from  

For CIMCO Edit with a standalone license choose the “CIMCO Edit” download 
For all other products choose the “CIMCO Software” download.  

*Look for this in your CIMCO order 

If you have a Network License you must choose the “CIMCO Software” download  

For CIMCO products with Network Licensing choose a Custom install

The Software Manager is required only on the computer that is hosting the Network Licensing Server – To install, click on the down arrow next to the red x and select Will be installed on local hard drive  

Follow this process for any subsequent products you wish to install

If you wish not to install a certain product, click on the down arrow next to the red x and select Entire feature will be unavailable 

Once you have the correct CIMCO products selected – Click Next 

To begin the installation, click Install

To finish the installation, click Finish

Save the Cimco License File that was emailed to you in the following directory for safe keeping 

Launch the Software Manager 

Click Choose license file 

Select your Cimco License File and click Open 

The license will need to be activated, to continue with Online activation, click Yes 

You will see the following to confirm successful activation – Click Ok

You will see the following to confirm successful installation – Click Ok 

Select Start to begin the Network Licensing Service 

Your available licenses will populate 

The License Server will start, and begin to listen for clients 

Close the Software Manager and Launch your CIMCO product – You will see this prompt, click Contact License Server 

Depending on your network settings, the Server IP/Hostname may auto populate in the highlighted area. You can also click Refresh list to scan the network, If the Network License Server is still not found, enter the IP address in manually.

For this example, I used “localhost” as the Network License Server is running on the same computer that is trying to open CIMCO

After clicking ok, your CIMCO product will launch