Threadmill Toolpath

Toolpaths > under the 2D toolpath drop down select Threadmill

Select geometry


Tool > Select Library Tool

Select desired tool from library

(If the desired threadmill is not available in the library, see the document found under How to Tips and Import Custom Milling Tools from Level at

Cut Parameters

Set the appropriate parameters
Key parameters:

Number of active teeth (Sets the number of teeth used to cut the thread. You can enter a value of one (1) even for multi-tooth cutters. A greater number of active teeth reduces the number of revolutions needed to cut the thread.)

Thread Pitch (Sets the distance between the teeth of the thread mill. If using a single point cutter enter the pitch of the thread you are trying to create.)

Set the Lead In/Out and Multipass parameters as needed

Linking Parameters
Set the Clearance planeTop of thread and Thread depth to the desired coordinates