Using Solids for Toolpaths

In this video we’ll walk you through how to use solid chaining and solid selection to create toolpaths.

Solid features can be selected for the entities required for toolpath creation. How these features are selected can be slightly different depending whether 2D toolpaths or surface toolpaths are being used.

2D Toolpaths

These toolpaths will allow wireframe and/or solid(s) to be selected. These toolpaths are contour, drill, pocket, face, engraving, and 2D High Speed Toolpaths.

When selecting the entities to be used, set the Chaining type to Solids.

Surface Toolpaths

These toolpaths require surface(s) and/or solid(s) to be selected. When selecting from a solid, a specific face(s) or edge may be required while excluding the rest of the solid(s). In order to make this available, Solid Selection needs to be activated while selecting the entities. If this is not activated, the entire solid will be selected.

Once activated, the type of selection can be set.